Wednesday, 7 April 2010

BACK DOOR BARTER at the Norwich Fringe Festival

Back Door BARTER at the Norwich Fringe festival 2010

Back Door BARTER will utilise the galleries roaming space by transforming it into the Norwich trade centre of art, offering everyone the opportunity to exchange art for art, with Back Door acting as the trading agent. A selection of work produced by artists who have previously shown at the gallery, as well as invited guests, will be on show and open for offers in exchange for other pieces of art. The stock held will change over the duration of the day as work is swapped, exchanged and traded repeatedly. Everything and anything will be considered for a proposed exchange; however accepted exchanges and the final decision will remain with the trading agents. If your first offer is not accepted do not be disheartened, there will be plenty of trading opportunities for a variety of pieces, and if all else fails try offering a Curly-Wurly as part of the deal and see what happens…

Back Door BARTER will be trading as part of the Norwich Fringe Festival on Gentlemans Walk between 10am and 4pm on Sunday 16th May 2010. For further info and updates follow us on Twitter, or email us at

Also see for other events coming up in the festival.

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