Friday, 26 February 2010


Back Door Gallery kicks of it's 2010 programme with L'Oeuf, our brand new open submission project. L'Oeuf provides a rare opportunity for artists to work outside of the normal restraints, and contribute to a progressive publication that celebrates the initial spark at the centre of all things creative:

Idea: a thought or suggestion as to a possible cause of action.

Backdoor Gallery strives to recognise and celebrate the importance of ideas.

Backdoor Gallery is inviting artists to submit ideas, specifically those that can not, will not, and possibly should not, be realised; the initial sparks that would otherwise be discarded and forgotten. Ideas are the root of creativity, yet they are rarely celebrated and often discarded or ignored. Without ideas nothing changes, nothing progresses, and nothing happens.

L’Oeuf is an open submission publication created to preserve ideas from artists. Every 100 submissions will be compiled to form an edition of L’Oeuf. L’Oeuf is an ongoing project with no deadlines.

Submissions must be suitable for black and white reproduction and not exceed 1 A4 page.

Submissions will be catalogued in the order that they are received. All ideas that fulfill the requirements will be entered into a periodical publication. Each artist will receive a copy of the publication; further copies will be distributed to galleries, public libraries, and institutions.

We are not interested in the context, reasoning, or viability of the idea, but simply the initial thought that excited you. Ideas can take many different forms; they can be humorous, serious, tedious or anywhere in-between. All ideas will be treated equally and you will never be required to justify or realise your submission.

For a submission form or further info, please contact us at

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