Thursday, 23 July 2009

BACK DOOR Best in Show, NUCA 2009

BACK DOOR GALLERY has announced Clare Pastorius’ ‘Call/Response’ sound installation as their ‘Best in Show’ at the NUCA Degree Show 2009.

Artist Clare Pastorius describes her winning installation as “an exploration of the language-less voice in dialogue. The work investigates the theme of ‘call and response’ and alludes to many diverse situations; I imagined the communicative calls of our early hominid ancestors at a time in humankind’s history before symbolic language, but I also wanted to make reference to the interactions between mother and infant, the universal ‘call and response’ of singing in all cultures and other turn-taking rituals and behaviours.”

Gallery founder Luke Murray cited a ‘playful ambiguity’ as the initial appeal of the piece. Explaining further, he added “the work asks for a response and interaction from the audience, which engages you with an installation that has depth of ideas and longevity far beyond the initial hook. It was a confident and challenging approach that caught the eye of the Back Door Gallery team”.

Clare was presented with a ‘Best in Show’ trophy and offered the opportunity to work with the gallery in its forthcoming exhibition programme.
Clare’s new exhibition ‘Resound’, an installation at Ripon Cathedral, opens on the 10th July.

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